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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday Musings on All Things Southern

I'm in North Carolina this week. Not sure when this is going to post; nonetheless, I am in North Carolina this week. It's where I hope to retire one day, even if only part time. Whether part time retired or part time residency, I do not know. I just know I love it here.

Yesterday my friend Sharon Decker, who gets to live here, made a funny statement. She said, "I was sittin' in the catbird seat."

I told her I'd never heard that before. Being the inquisitive person that I am, I looked it up. Turns out, she thought the idiom had something to do with a cat and a bird. But, there is actually a catbird. A bird. Called a catbird. Pictured here is the gray catbird.

What it means doesn't change with this new found knowledge. It means "sitting pretty."

Sharon was "sitting pretty."

Okay, I have to admit, hearing that Sharon was sitting in the catbird seat sounds ... prettier. Don't you think?


  1. Good heavens, Eva! I'm surprised you'd not heard that before. My mother used to say that a lot. Hers meant not just "sittin' pretty" but "sittin' pretty with an advantage."

  2. Well I had NOT. Maybe we just didn't "taulk like that" in the Low Country! :)

  3. Hey Eva Marie!
    I remember hearing that....also remember hearing my parents referring to someone in a prominent or showy position as "a real catbird."

  4. Jeannie, be sure to check out TODAY's Monday Musings... we have started a contest!