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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday's Southern-style (Romantic) Tunes

Wedding Day, 1979
Thirty-three years ago today, my huggy hubby and I were but one day away from saying our vows to each other in a preacher's living room with about four people in attendance.
We basically eloped.

Ashley 1979
The pastor who'd had the most influence on and in my life from childhood now lived about an hour or so away from Albany, Georgia. Dennis had basically grown up there; I'd moved there a few years previous. We were walking around the Albany Mall one evening when we happened to see Brother Charlie (Culbreth) and his wife Ruth, discovered they lived not far away, and exchanged phone numbers. 

So, when Mr. Everson asked me to marry him (that's another story for another day), I called Bro. Charlie and asked if he'd marry us, in his home, the following Thursday evening, February 15, 1979 (not the 14th). He said he would.

Chris 1979
Why not Valentine's Day, you may be asking. Well, February 14 was "out." For one, it was a Wednesday and Bro. Charlie had Wednesday Night Service. For another, I'd married my first husband on February 14 years earlier ... a sad, disastrous marriage that only survived 13 months. In reality, it had only survived one month, we just hung in for the next 12. To marry again on that day was just too plain weird.

Jessica and Me 1981
So, February 15, 1979, my sweetheart and I, along with our two best friends and their twelve-year-old daughter, piled into a car and drove to Cairo, Georgia. We said our vows (I giggled through the entire ceremony!), signed some official documents, ate cookies and drank punch made by Miss Ruth, and then drove home. The next day, after we put in 8 hours of work, Dennis and I drove 4 hours, across state, to my mother's home (and my hometown) where I introduced her to her new son-in-law (she'd met him before, of course. She was not aware we were planning to marry). The next day we were to go to Hilton Head but we woke to so much snow, we were stuck at Mother's for the next four days. We've basically never had a honeymoon. There are some things I just won't do with my mother only two walls away. I don't care how cool she was.
Jordynn 2006

Thirty-three years.

We've had some ups and downs along the way and he's still the best thing that ever happened to me. I cannot imagine nor do I want to imagine my life without him.

Has he been difficult at times to live with? Yes.

Have I? Oh, yeah ...

But, still, I don't know another human on this planet who can make me laugh like he does, who brightens my world by just walking into a room, who I trust and depend on more. I don't know a kinder soul, a deeper thinker, or anyone who "walks the Christian walk" quite like he does. He's amazing and he's cute and he still thinks I'm sexy. I am blessed for having him in my life.

In the course of our marriage, he also gave me three very precious gifts: 1) a ready-made family (I love you, Chris and Ashley), 2) our daughter Jessica, and 3) he allowed/wanted Jordynn in our lives at a time when the nest had just gone empty and most husbands want anything but another child. Also, like me, he has grieved her loss more than anyone can imagine. (To read more on our life with Jordynn, come back on Fridays.)

This song is for you, "Mr. Everly." Alan Jackson (dancing with his sweet wife), singing "Remember When."

I love you. Forever ...

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  1. Beautiful story. Your Mom loved Dennis and you so very much. She was so proud of both of you and the life that you had made together. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many. God Bless you both and Happy Anniversary. XOXOXO

  2. If we could be so lucky...for even just one day. I love you both very much.


  3. So sweet. Thanks for letting us into your world, Eva.

  4. I did not know that Bro Charlie married ya'll in Cairo. That is so sweet. He was very much a presence in our lives too, while he was in Sylvania. We loved him so much. He baptized Pam. Pam, Laura and Kathryne have all been christened in the same dress and we hope to continue using it for many more grandchildren and great grandchildren. Blake would have worn it but he was to old to wear a dress when he was baptized. Mama was ill with cancer during that time and we had to postpone his for a while. Loved your story.