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Monday, September 1, 2014

14 Days, 37,209 words to go

Don't panic! I'm writing away like a crazy woman!

And enjoying the research more and more every day.

So, what's happening now? Well, Betty just got a marriage proposal, which she accepted. Ah, romance.
Evelyn didn't get a marriage proposal, which of course nearly broke her heart.
Inga is still in a world of trouble and Magda has enjoyed New Year's Eve 1952 with Barry and his family.

And our Miss Joan? Well, she's headed off on a slow boat to Europe where she will meet the man of her dreams ...

"Love is in the air ... exciting and new ..."

Meanwhile, check out some of the websites I've been to today:

1953 Quick Facts (wait till you see the price of gasoline!)

Car of the Week (1950 Buick Super)

And, can you name the handsome gents in this photograph? This contest is harder than before, but it comes (again) with a free book when Five Brides releases to one lucky winner! The shot is from a movie released in 1952.


  1. Rock Hudson, Robert Ryan, Budd Boetticher in Horizons West?

  2. Oops...bend of the river - rock Hudson James Stewart Arthur kennedy

  3. Anonymous, I need to know who you are (the one who said Bend of the River!) ... so I can record your name for the prize! :)

  4. It;s me, Eva - Lynn crews fletcher. I didn't;t know how to make the comment in my name. I was waiting to hear if I won thanks I don't;t know what to choose when it says comment as...

  5. I haven't heard anymore about winning this contest....Lynn Crews Fletcher

  6. Lynn, I could go ahead and send you the book, but it hasn't been published yet. :) You will receive a free copy when it does. :)