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Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Musings on All Things Southern

I admit it! It did my Southern-reared, country-lovin', Jesus-preachin' heart a whole lot of good last Wednesday night when Scotty McCreery was crowned America's newest American Idol. And when he gave God the glory ("I gotta thank the Lord; He's the one who got me here."), I could not have been more proud. My gracious, you would have thought I was somehow related to the boy!

Scotty, in spite of being only 17 years old, never wavered in his walk with God. There was one small moment at the beginning of the season when things nearly slipped out of his grip. Another contestant had been booted from a group and asked to be in Scotty's group during "group competition." The young lad, Jacee Badeauxonly 15 and somewhat shy and overweight, was told "get out." The hurt and rejection Jacee felt left Scotty equally as wounded.

The following night, without any prompting, Scotty asked for the judge's forgiveness as well as Jacee's. He said (and this is a paraphrase), "Whatever part I played in this, I'm sorry." He then broke down and cried.

It was so obviously heart-felt; the judges were moved and so was Jacee. Maybe no one more than me, however. I'm mean, seriously. This young man does more to exemplify Christ in that one moment than anyone I've seen in a while.

And, all the way to Number One, Scotty showed the world who was really Number One in his book, including by wearing a I Am Second wristband, visibly noted when he, as one of the top three, went back home for a hometown reunion.

So, I'm proud of you Scotty! From this Country-lovin', Jesus-preachin' Southern Belle to you, congrats!

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