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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Musings on All Things Southern

More definitions for those not in the know:

What is the difference is toting and carrying?

To my way of thinking, when you tote something, it's heavy. It's work. It's a haul.

"Jimmy, tote that box of books over to the library down the hall for me, will ya? My back's been actin' up."

But when you carry something, you are simply bringing it somewhere.

"Dora Lee carried some potato salad to the dinner on the grounds. It had way too much mayonnaise."

Get it?
What are your sentences for toting and carrying (or, as we say, totin' and carryin')?


  1. I always used carry as "I'm gonna carry Miss Nadine to the church tomorrow." Tote was a thing, carry was a person. We do talk in a unique way don't we??

  2. Yep, "carry" gave my Yankee ex-husband a fit, especially when I was "carrying my mother to the store." "Tote" to him was a piece of luggage. And don't get me started on whether the mail has run yet.