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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Talk About the Book

The amazing thing about Cedar Key is that one can view the sun as it rises (my next book is called Waiting For Sunrise) and watch the sun set (Chasing Sunsets , the first book in the three-book series).

Here are some of Cheryl's most recent pix of the sun rise (I was too lazy to get up):

When the sky changes from black to blue
and the clouds from gray to pink ...
When the birds sing and fly ...
It's nearly time.

Peek-a-boo ... the sun begins his early ascent near Dog Island while this bird (and Cheryl) watch on.

The higher he climbs, the longer his beam of light across the rippling waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Moving closer to City Park, now we see the water changing color too.

Time now for boaters and fishermen to join us.

From City Park, abandoned by all but Cheryl, the birds, and the warmth (and humidity) of a new day.

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  1. I enjoyed walking from our cottage, through the deserted streets, down to the waterfront that morning. Passed a few kittycats, morning joggers, and local shop-owners arriving to begin their days. Shared smiles and morning greetings with all,including the kitties! Thanks for reminding me of this peaceful morning! I am excited about our next visit to Cedar Key in December! I'll plan to start my days down on the docks!("Waiting for Sunrise")Looking forward to ending each day out on the bridge or out on a boat, camera in hand, smile on my face!! ("Chasing Sunsets")