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Friday, August 22, 2014

23 Days, 30,890 Words To Go

It's the middle of the day and I'm far from done, but I had to share with you what's happening here in WriterWorld.

First, the last two days have been a struggle in the writing department. I wrote, yes, but I hated nearly every word. I couldn't seem to get away from the fact that I only had between 30- and 40,000 words left to tell my story. I know that for some of you, the notion of writing that number of words is tantamount to getting a root canal. But for the writer of fiction, as he or she dashes toward the end ... the finale ... the denouement ... it's horrifying.

I told my husband this morning that I could hardly sleep for worrying over it. He said, "You have five women and, let's say, 40,000 words. That's 8,000 per character."

I suddenly felt better.

Then I got an email  from fellow author, Sandie Bricker, who penned: YOU CAN DO IT.

I got back into the story with new vigor!

Today I did a little research on what folks listened to on the radio in 1952 on a Sunday night. I came across The Big Show with Tallulah Bankhead as the lovely hostess. I also listened to some of the broadcasts. Check out #29 ... this is the one I "referenced" in Five Brides. It's all of 30 minutes and it'll make you want to go back to a simpler time. Check it out HERE.

More tomorrow!

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