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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

27 Days, 37,553 Words to Go!

(For your listening pleasure, as you read the remainder of today's blog, go to: GLENN MILLER, In The Mood)

So, yesterday Magda made a big decision, which will have great impact on her life.

She also made a great argument against Karl Marx's line: Religion is the opium of the people.

In the beginning of my planning and plotting, Magda had such a small, insignificant role and now she's carrying such weight. Her lines of dialogue are incredibly deep. I love her!

Here's another thing that happened ... Magda is having a conversation with her boss that is going to change her life, but she doesn't know it. Not yet, anyway. I do, but she doesn't.

Looking back on your own life, can you think of a time when foundations of the most significance were being laid, but you didn't realize it? Let's talk about it!

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  1. I have a 40’s soul. I love music and movies from that era. I'm looking forward to reading "Five Brides". I collect sheet music from the 1930-40’s. On a recent spring trip to Savannah we stopped halfway in Walterboro, SC. We soon discovered it is a mecca of antique shops. We stopped in the first store and my eyes were drawn to a leather-bound "Glenn Miller and His Orchestra Limited Edition Collection". It includes a bio of Glenn Miller and twenty-eight 45 EP (extended play) records. They look as if they have never been played. There are 2-3 recorded songs from 1939-1942 on each side including some live broadcast of the orchestra. Glenn Miller died in 1944. "The Glenn Miller Story" was released in 1954 the year I was born. It starred James Stewart and is one of my favorite movies. I still cry when I watch it. Eva, I love the storyline for your new book.