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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday's Talk About the Book

I remember when I was first starting out in this writing thing. I wrote for hours a day. The following day I edited what I'd written the day before and then I'd write some more. The next day, repeat. And so on and so forth. I had no other agenda but to write. There was no PRing going on. No worries about corporate finances. No meetings to attend. No social media, etc. Just the writing.

I kinda miss those days.

When a book is published, the focus shifts from "only writing" to "marketing what you have written." Color me guilty. I do this because I have to. And, because I want my work to sell. Not so I can make a lot of money (though I wouldn't complain, I don't think) but because the whole point of the writing was so that people could read...could grow...could ask questions and draw closer to God in whatever genre I chose to display Him (fiction or nonfiction).

So, here's the latest...my ABOUT ME page. And, if you visit it, you can "vote" and maybe mine will be the face used as the ABOUT ME poster girl. Wouldn't that be...fun? I think it is!

So, here it is...

Will you take a minute go go there, read a little "about me" and ... vote? While you are there, make your own "about me" page. It's easy and it's fun!

Thank you!

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