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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's Southern Style Tunes

This is one of my all-time favorite numbers!

When I was a teenage girl, a group of us formed a group called One Way. We met every Saturday night in the home of an elderly couple, Mr. Carson and Miss Reba (we called them) in Newington, Georgia. I don't remember their story. Did they have children? Grandchildren? I don't remember. What I do recall is how they opened their living room doors every Saturday night for years to a group of teenagers who wanted to live for the Lord. We sang. We shared testimony. 
We prayed each other through.
We weren't perfect kids. 
We sinned like any others. 
But we had direction and a Director and we tried.
We tried.

Two of our members, Debbie and Lucy, used to sing this song so beautifully.

I want to dedicate this to Mr. Carson and Miss Reba, who have gone on to open their doors in heaven. How many of us will join you, because of you, and your willingness to put up with us.
And serve us cookies and punch.

And love.


  1. Still one of my favorites, Eva. Thanks. I had an uncle who was a song evangelist with a powerful tenor voice and I can hear him singing this song in heaven...probably joined up with your mentors.

  2. That is a wonderful song. The old time favorites still move people.

  3. One of my favorite songs Southern Lady !I to was born in the South....Florida. Was also a preachers daughter ! I miss the old South, it has changed so. I guess we are a dying breed !
    God Bless You.