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Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday's Musing on All Things Southern

Does anyone make homemade ice cream any more?

And I don't mean with these modern homemade ice cream makers like the one pictured here. I'm not even completely sure how these work, but I'm thinking you throw in some ingredients and push a button. All of this is done from the comfort of your kitchen counter top, whatcha wanna bet?

No, no, no. I'm talking family in the backyard. I'm talking your grandmother's or your great-grandmother's family recipe that includes enough eggs to jump start a heart attack. I'm thinking barefoot children running through the yard, hair glistening with sweat. Laughter echoing between the tall pines, which sway in a late-afternoon breeze. Dogs yapping.

Adults have gathered in lawn chairs on the patio or back porch. Most are holding sweating glasses of sweet iced tea. They are all, including the men, wearing bermuda shorts. Keds. Gentle chatter slips from one to another. An occasional chuckle.

I'm thinking 1960s, 1970s. I'm remembering my childhood.

Hardly a summer's weekend went by without the old churn being brought out. Rock salt and a bag of ice being bought. The decision as to whether or not to have plain vanilla or to add fresh fruit was left to the adults. After all, they did all the work.

Sometimes in shifts. You can only turn the handle for so long before your arms get tired.

In the end, all the effort, all the wait is worth it. Nothing on this planet tasted as good as that ice cream. Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, even Haagen Dazs can come close to the flavor and--more importantly--the love within one dish of homemade ice cream. Never mind the ga-zillion calories.

So, does anyone make old-fashioned homemade ice cream any more? And, if so, can I come over next time you do?

[Got a favorite homemade ice cream story you'd like to share? How about a recipe? I'm going to try like crazy to find my great-aunt Edna's recipe from the stacks and I'll post it on Wednesday.]


  1. Almost every time we have a family get-together :) And the children are NOT exempt. If you don't take a turn at the crank, you don't get any ice cream! lol My Mom is the one who always makes the custard for it ahead of time, I'll have to get her recipe :)

  2. When I was still living at home we periodically made homemade ice cream. Every now and then Mama would make a different flavor, but my favorite was always the vanilla. The flavors never quite seemed like homemade ice cream. We were really uptown when my parents got an electric one that you didn't have to turn the handle for. But it was still a lot of work making sure it didn't stop, adding rock salt and ice as needed. I do miss that ice cream!

  3. Eva Marie you are taking me back to my childhood. It was a rite of summer to go to Boll Weavil Plantation, pick peaches, then make the most delicious ice cream in the world. The absolute best! I even had homemade peach ice cream at a wedding shower. Hummm...maybe I can find an old recipe some where.

  4. Y'all get those recipes! I found Aunt Edna's and I'll post it on Wednesday!

  5. Ahhh, barefoot under the huge oaks in my grandparents sideyard. Usually the flavor was banana...my Mama's favorite. (And it was even better when you stuck the leftovers in the freezer!) I must admit, I'm a little teary thinking about it. We just had an estate sale last weekend. My grandmother died in March. The house will be sold soon. So thankful for sweet memories.

    Thanks for "taking me back" today, Eva Marie.