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Friday, July 5, 2013

Let's Read Like Southerners!

The Wedding Dress

A year or so ago I read The Wedding Dress for the first time. I remember enjoying it ... and I wanted to read it again. To savor it this time.

So, just before my "24 days gone out of 36"--and so much time on a plane--I opened the front cover of the book and dove in for a second time.

Was it better the second time than the first? OH YES! And I thought it was wonderful the first time!

Set in Birmingham, AL and spanning over a hundred years, this is the story of one amazing wedding dress and the four women who wore it on their "most special day." Rachel Hauck, within the pages and words of this work, shows why she is a master storyteller and why this book not only was nominated for several awards, but also won several awards.

Highly recommended.


Amazon:  The Wedding Dress

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Barnes and Noble:  The Wedding Dress

Rachel Hauck: Official Website

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