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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Random Thoughts from a Southern Mind

After the Verdict

For months, I've kept my eyes open.
     For weeks, I've held my breath.
For days, I willed my heart to keep beating.
And then, in one swift second, the answer came.

I see the photos and video.
     I think, "I love that place so much."
I see the photos and video.
     I think, "I hate that place so much."

And since last night I ponder...

I know what it's like to lose a child.
     I know what it's like to think that
the justice system is the injustice system.
I know what it's like to cry out, "This isn't fair!"

And, I know what it's like to let go.

So, I whisper a warning to those who think
   "What is a month or a year or a decade to hate?
To be angry and bitter?"
And I answer, "More than you want to take on.
Let it go.

Because I know what it's like to ...

Let. It. Go."

Then tonight I am about to toss the fortune cookie.
    Those wrapped sweets I never eat.
But instead I wrestle with the cellophane until it opens.
I eat the cookie and hold on to the fortune.

"Never Give Up" it says.

And I think, Okay.
Of course
I have let it go ... but

I will always cry and
while this fight has ended,
the fight has not.

[Warning: this is not the place to debate the verdict or the case of the State of FL vs. George Zimmerman. In fact, don't comment at all. Think, instead, of any bitterness or anger you are holding on to right now. Give it to God. Let it go. Release. Release. 



  1. Beautiful! You are always in my heart and my prayers and the "letting go letting God" thing is ever before me as a mother, too. Just when I think I have done it and done it well, there always comes another thought of what I "could've, would've or should've" done differently. Peace to your day and press on dear sister.

  2. Words filled with wisdom. Thank you. Anger, hatred will eventually turn to bitterness that will destroy all that it touches. Letting go brings healing and a restoration of ones spirit and soul. You inspire me.