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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Random Thoughts From a Southern Mind

Something kind of cool happened the other day. Fourth of July ...

Not just the holiday ... but something that happened on the holiday. During our celebration.

Allow me to back up a little.

When our daughter, Jessica, was born, my husband decided to work his full time job and take on a part time job so I could stay home with her. Between the extra income and me not buying lunches out or paying for uniforms, gas, etc ... the money balanced out. Tight, but balanced. We felt that my being with her in those early years was worth it and we chose to make the sacrifices necessary.

As she grew from infant to toddler, she became part of my morning routine. Each morning, we went into the bathroom. I stood at the sink, she on the closed toilet lid where she watched me put on my makeup and my (as she called them) "ton-tacts." (contacts)

Of course she had to do the same. She had a set of "little girl" makeup (which was nothing at all, but she didn't know that) and an empty "ton-tact" solution bottle. As I put on my makeup, she put on hers, carefully imitating my every move. As I put my contacts in, so did she. I stood at the sink with the big mirror. She stood on the toilet with a little mirror, which I'd propped up on a shelf.

So, fast forward 30 years to this past 4th of July.

After eating, I went into the master bath to brush my teeth and freshen my makeup. About three seconds later, here came my baby girl (now with a baby of her own). She keeps a toothbrush at our house and on my side of the bathroom (which is bigger than the entire bathroom of her early childhood). She got it, applied toothpaste, and started to brush her teeth just as I finished brushing mine. Then we both touched up our makeup and brushed our hair, standing side-by-side, looking into one big mirror.

I glanced to her and smiled, remembering. She said something about "those days when I put my 'ton-tacts' in ..." and I knew she remembered too.

Precious memories come in the most amazing moments. And from the most amazing children.


  1. Ah precious memories of our precious children. thanks for this sweet post Eva Marie.

  2. I LOVED this. Still grinnin'...

  3. Memories with my twin daughters come when I least expect.
    Thank you Eva.
    Your daughter is gorgeous...like you!