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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Musings on All Things Southern

"I'm going to tell you right now, if that girl doesn't come home by the strike of ten, I'm gonna have a hissy fit they'll be talkin' about for the next hundred years."

"Mr. Bannings had a conniption fight right there in front of the class. I'm talkin' he was stompin' his feet and pounding his fists against the desk like you would not believe."

You may not know it--especially if you are from the Northern United States, but there is a difference in a hissy fit and a conniption fit.

A hissy fit involves a lot of yelling and drama. A conniption fit requires some physical display.

Y'all got that?

What are your best "hissy fit" or "conniption fit" stories?


  1. There was once a giant of a man who lived in town who was known for being quiet. One day a grandson came to visit and had a conniption because he wasn't ready to wash up for supper. The man quietly read his paper until the young boy finished pounding on the floor. When the boy got up, the man folded his paper, placed it to the side and stood up. Then he said, "Son, I really enjoyed that. What say we see it again?" With that, he drew off his belt and commenced to walloping him. ("Walloping" - a Southern term for discipline.)

  2. Eva Marie,
    I am from Virginia and didn't know the difference! Thank you for bringing me back to my roots.
    And I thought I was southern! (I thought that with a deep southern accent.) LOL

    I have one or two hissy fits and one conniption fit in my novel, though I didn't think of it in these terms.

    Angie, your example is perfect! I could almost see the conniption fit coming...