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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Southern Style Tunes

During our road trip, we started talking about old movies. REALLY old movies but also modern day classics. Debby H brought up watching Smokey and the Bandit (staring Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, and Jerry Reed) with her husband and kids recently. For about an hour later, this song played in my head.

There are about three "words" here, so be aware of that. I chose this particular video because it has clips from the movie...and oh! What a movie!

If you'd prefer to just hear Jerry Reed sing the song without the video clips, watch the video below.

Debby H, thx for the memories. While you can recall watching this with you kids just last week, I went to the theater, stood in a very long line, watched and laughed with the rest of the South...way back when in


  1. Love this movie and the songs in it. Adored Jerry. My dad was an OTR truck driver, and I grew up on tales of Monteagle and other driving legends. We used to listen to the CB radio on long trips. I still remember one time when we were approaching a rather infamous truck stop, and this woman came on advertising "CB antinas" by a variety of names. Daddy snapped off the radio. I asked why, and he turned bright red, mumbling, "She ain't talkin' about selling antennae." So when the movie got to "that scene," I really cracked up.