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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday's Recipe of the Week

Another recipe from Miss Betty's* Daily Diary Cookbook...I remember Mother making this...

I don't know who Ethel is or was. For some reason, the name is resounding within me as being the first name of one of the State Trooper's wives of which Mother was a part in those days.

Or maybe it's Ethel Mermann. LOL

Ethel's Punch


1 gallon water
4 lbs.sugar
3 T almond flavoring
1 T vanilla
1 large bottle lemon juice
3 large cans pineapple juice
2 quarts gingerale


Mix ingredients together making sure to add the gingerale last.
Makes 50 5 oz. servings.

(Miss Betty was my mother. These are the recipes I found in her penmanship, written in a Sexton's Daily Diary from c. 1955.)

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