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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday's Southern-style Tunes

Watched The Andy Griffith Show today while I did my treadmill punishment.

The Darlings were featured, which got me to thinking about my favorite Darlings song. This is mine. What's yours?


  1. First off, I love the phrase "treadmill punishment". During my "treadmill punishment" I usually read on my Kindle to help soften the pain (of having to exercise).

    I like most of the Darlings music, but this one in a lot of fun! Doug's Tune

  2. Loved the "Darlings" - the Dillards - and loved Charlene's voice. And it reminded me that one of the things I loved about the show is that the eccentric folks weren't vanquished, like in so many shows today, they were just dealt with, loved, and part of the community. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE the Darlins!! Love Charlene's voice and the boys can harmonize like no other! Now, I love Andy, Barney's one bullet, and the mountain ways of The Darlings. TV will never be the same ... sad :(

  4. Funny you mentioned this song. My sons and I were in a community play a few years ago, and "There is Time for Us to Wander" was featured. We not only had to learn the song but elaborate choreography to go with it. We would spend HOURS singing and going over and over and over it. So, to answer your question, I guess my favorite would be the same as yours, but for a different reason!

  5. For my next novel, The Last Will in Testament, which I'm currently working on ... I'm planning to drop a little Mayberry reference!