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Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Musings on All Things Southern

Pecan piiiiiiiiiie.

Do you remember the line from When Harry Met Sally?

This was an ad-libbed scene (which is pretty obvious by Meg Ryan's expression and her glances off camera) and one of the best in the movie. One of the best out of all of the best in the movie. 
At any rate ... pecan piiiiiiie. Every time I hear it, I think of growing up Southern, and Mother's pecan pie. (Of course, every time I think of pecan pie, I think of this scene ... )  

If you grew up Southern, you probably spent time picking up pecans in an open grove or at someone's house where pecan trees grew tall, casting leafy shadows on the ground in the summertime and looking all scary in the wintertime, spindly arms stretched toward a gray sky like an old woman begging God to die. 

And, if you grew up Southern and you picked up pecans, you've probably put a couple of them in your hand and squeezed in order to crack them open. Nothing like a nut to crack a nut, I always say. (But usually I'm talking about people, not pecans.) You also probably know what it's like to take one of those little silver dealies to "dig out the meat," as my mother used to call it. And you've probably had the age-old discussion of just how to pronounce "pecan." Is it PEE-can or is it pe-CAHN? I tend to say the latter. What about you?


  1. Pe-CAHN. Only Yankees say PEE-can. It's just wrong. I feel very strongly about this, but only because I'm absolutely correct. ;)

  2. Fun post! I'm a Yankee and I say the latter...Pe-CAHN. (I had to say it several times out loud to make sure - hubby thinks I'm "nuts" - no pun intended)

    I think my mom said it that way too. I love a good, warm, pecan pie!

  3. DEFINITELY pe-CAHN. I do not eat pie made with chamber pots, thank you very much.
    (Really, do people think it's appetizing to eat a can you pee in? =P )