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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday's Recipe of the Week (One Day Late)

You don't hear a lot about "icebox cake" any more. Occasionally, while watching an old TV sitcom or drama, a housewife comes out of her kitchen carrying a sheet pan and says, "I think I'll take some of my icebox cake over to so-and-so." But that's about it.

Yesterday, while flipping through an old recipe book from my shelves, I found an index card with my mother's handwriting on it. Icebox Cake  is written in her perfect script across the top.

Mouthwatering memories came my way. I haven't had Mother's icebox cake in forever, it seems. (And, as soon as I'm off this diet, I think I'll make some.)

But maybe you or yours is not on a diet. If not, try this before summer comes to an end, because it's the perfect summer dessert!

Ingredients & Directions

4 egg yolks (save your cardiologist's number in your phone)
              Put the egg whites aside for later
1/2 lb butter (Mother wrote "oleo")
1 1/2 cup sugar

Mix together at medium speed 20 minutes
(Yes, I wrote minutes.)

Add 1 #2 can slightly drained crushed pineapple (I believe that is 20 oz can)
Add 1 cup chopped nuts

Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites (Did I mention, you should stiffly beat the egg whites?)

Fix a layer of vanilla wafers in pan. Pour mixture in. Refrigerate 24 hours before serving (good luck waiting)


  1. So, it's got 4 eggs in it, and there's no cooking involved? My, we were brave in those days! :)

  2. Ooooooh...Sounds so good. I will be making this soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe!