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Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Musings on All Things Southern

I've been thinking about my daddy a lot lately. His 81st birthday, had God not called him home in 2006, would have been the past August 13th.

Daddy was in the USAF. Recently my husband found this video online and shared it with me. My heart soars with pride ... 1) at being an American (no matter how messed up we are at times), and 2) being the daughter of an American Air Force vet. When we laid Daddy to rest, his casket covered with the American flag, and when that flag was folded and placed in my brother's hands ("On behalf of the President of the United States.") ... well, that was one of the proudest moments of my life.

And one of the saddest.

To all those who have fought and fought well (no matter the branch of service), I thank you.

To my daddy, I love and miss you.

To all: do yourself a favor, take a few minutes, and watch this. Tell me what you think!


  1. Beautiful tribute...

    My uncle was an Air Force gunner in WWII, and my older brother is an Air Force vet. I remember going to a base in Pensacola, Florida and seeing an awesome airshow when I was a child.

    We remember...

  2. Thanks for the touching tribute to your daddy. I appreciate your sharing from your heart. Praise God for your daddy for leaving a legacy that makes you proud and gives you joy. Thank God for happy memories and the love of a good father. Love and blessings to you this your birthday week.