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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday's Talk About a Book

Unconditional Book Cover
As you may know, if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, I was contracted to write the novelization of the movie Unconditional, which releases September 27, 2012. The contract was signed late last year and I got to work in early 2012, sending in a completed manuscript on March 1.

Never have I worked so hard in such a short period of time, nor have I ever felt so satisfied for my efforts. Not only because I learned what I am capable of doing, but because of the work itself.

Unconditional is based on the true story of Papa Joe Bradford, who I spoke with several times while writing, but only just met this past week. And what a thrill it was! Papa Joe has done amazing work with at-risk kids in the Nashville, TN area, which bonds him to my heart right away.

Patrick Bonner (B&H marketing
strategist) and Me with Firebird
Three things you should know:

Papa Joe & Me at ICRS
B&H book with Unconditional
trailer playing behind us
1.  The book (novelization) I wrote releases September 1.
2.  The movie releases September 21 (go see it!!!)
3.  The children's book, Firebird, which the story of the movie is built around, releases in October.

You do not want to miss any of this, so write it on your calendar.

I'm not saying this because of my work with the project. I'm saying this because it's true.

It's just so very very true.


  1. Supercool! I'm so excited for you!

  2. Now, I gladly will go back to library to read this book. I want to see the similarity of the book and movie. I think you could have a movie out of WAITING FOR SUNRISE too!

  3. So proud of you and all you've accomplished! You go gal!

  4. How exciting!!! I am going to look for the book Firebird for my children! We will indeed be going to Unconditional, just such a thrill to see the people who love and follow Jesus at work! I am inspired by you and your work and love to follow what is to come! God Bless you Eva Marie Everson!!!

  5. I am really looking forward to both reading the book and seeing the movie. I'm glad you had the opportunity to stretch yourself and feel real affirmation in the process and results.