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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday's Recipe of the Week

How about something simple!?

Sunday Night Quickie


4 eggs
1 can undiluted chicken noodle soup


Beat eggs slightly. Add soup and beat again. Pour into buttered skillet and scramble. Serve hot over toast. Serves 2 to 3.

Do it right: make a pot of grits and (if you are so inclined) fry up some bacon or thick slice of ham. Can be vegetarian! Why not?


  1. Interesting recipe! I love the old picture. I love those prissy aprons! I gave all my girls aprons like that for Christmas. REmember when everybody cooked. Women learned how to cook. Southern girls definitely learned how to cook. Have you noticed, people aren't cooking much anymore.
    Me, I'm baking today. Cream cheese pound cake.

  2. And they learned how ... not just at home, but at school!


  3. Yummy! I collect aprons like this and actually wear them. Wearing them at least helps me to believe I'm a good southern cook. Once a grit girl, always a grit girl.