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Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Musings on All Things Southern

I announced last year (last month!) that I was about to do something new here. And I am. For one, giveaways. I have a library full of books I rarely know what to do with once I'm finished. Sometimes I take them to the "new and used" bookstore not far from my home. I love that place. It's called BrightLight Books, for anyone in the Orlando area who may be interested. It's Christian-owned and operated so there's a real sense of "family" when one walks in the door. They have an area in the back any theologian or theology student would salivate all over (I know I did...). And, better still, you can order online (for those of you who are not in this area). I've been known to go in, take books, get credit, "buy" books. I tell them nearly every time I go in that if they were to get WiFi and put in a coffee shop, I'd never leave. What they don't know is, I'd be sitting there writing the next novel ...

BrightLight carries my books but they really don't know who I am. I kind of like that. I go in, I'm just another reader. And shopper.

All that to say, I come out with a stack of books nearly as tall as the one I took in. I don't like to take those books back (that'd be like going to the library!), so what happens? I end up with a stack of books collecting dust and taking up space in my office. Not to mention stacks of the books written by me!

What to do ... what to do ... ?

I know! I'll give them away! Once a week I'll look over the names of all those who have left comments and, from those names, at random, I'll choose a winner. Let me know what kind of books you prefer and I'll do my best to accommodate you!

(In other words, your comments will look something like this: [comment, comment, comment]. Jane Doe. (Romance Fiction)

And that is where YOU come in! You'll have to leave comments. And hopefully encourage others to come to my page, to learn more about what I write, how I think, and what being Southern is all about.

Here's something to get us started:

Who Am I? 

I was born in 1674 and died in 1744. I was a planter, slave-owner, and author. My diaries on the secrets of plantation life were printed in the 1800s and are among the most noted in Southern literature. My home held an extensive library; I refused my wife the privilege of entering it, but she often did while I was away, taking volumes and reading them. I am called the Founder of Richmond, VA. Among my titles are: A History of the Dividing Line and A Journey into the Land of Eden.

Who am I?


  1. Happy New Year!

    What a great idea to get rid of your old books! I used to have the same problem! When we would get overrun with books, I would box the and take them to the Army base where we were stationed. It's amazing, but with the diversity in the military, there was rarely a book left by the next morning!

    The founder of Richmond, VA was William Byrd II. I did a report on him in 6th grade!

    Best wishes to you in the coming year!

    Bea Hall (cookbooks and romantic fiction)

  2. OK, I had to look it up, but it's William Byrd II. But at least I learned something today!

    Kathleen Bruner (just about anything, romance, suspense, cookbooks, comedy, biographies, etc.)

  3. Bea, I bet you have the cookbooks from The Soda Shop Gallery, don't you? :) I love mine!

  4. Good ol' William Byrd II! Married into a wealthy family. He had an enormous library and what his wife really wanted was intellectual equality, which he refused to provide.

    Dorie Runyon (biography,comedy,historical romance, ispirational...)

  5. Great fun to read about William Byrd II but my own revolutionary war ancestor was a lone survivor of an Indian massacre in VA who went on to serve in the AR War and later build a home called Stonehurst in Rankin, Ohio sure want to write his story soon. What to coauthor with me? What a special treat that would be after our three year mentoring relationship. Carla

  6. Dorie, yes! He was quite the cad! Always asking God for forgiveness, though, and quite certain God gave it, even though Byrd knew he wasn't going to change. Interesting reads from Byrd!

  7. Carla, my co-authoring days such as that are pretty much over. But thank you for thinking of me to take on such an endeavor!

  8. Honestly, so glad I came across this after the research was done. (Now, don't you go thinkin' poorly of me, Miss Eva Marie.)

    I love your new plan! Sharing is a wonderful idea! Wouldn't it be great if we could all participate and come up with a book exchange...as my library overflows as well!

    Kristi Butler, Southern Fiction (really...not just because that's what you write!)

    Happy New Year!