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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday's Talk About The Book

My current works in progress -- the Cedar Key novels -- are set (among other settings) in Cedar Key, Florida. I love this place more than I have words to write or volumes to fill.

I've been playing around with Animoto video, 30-second films using my photos and set to music. Thought you might enjoy watching the sun set from Shell Mound, which is up Highway 24 (then take a left) from Cedar Key.

For more information about the first Cedar Key novel, Chasing Sunsets, see the banner at the right of this posting. 

Be sure to leave a comment as to what you think about this video to be entered into the drawing, which will be held tomorrow, for a book from my personal bookshelf!


  1. Cedar Keys must be a Fairy Tale sort of place to be. Once you leave, welcome to the real world! If you need an assistant, call me! lol
    BEAUTIFUL! God's Country

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Eva! I love your mother's recipes. I've created a folder and keep all of them! I love your website, too! Very southern.
    Susan Dollyhigh

  3. It was just as I imagined except I didn't have the background music in my head:) I love most Christian fiction as far as the book contest goes.

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Must be a place that you can relax and commune with God and nature. Have got to read your books about Cedar Key!!!!!

  5. The first books I read of yours were the "Shadows of Dreams" series, I was hooked I wanted more. I watched for what you would be writing next and bought the "Pot Luck" series but really enjoyed the Shadows of Dreams more, just because it was more of what I enjoy reading those books said something to me. So I'm really looking forward to Chasing Sunsets series, the video really speaks out to me personally it tells me I'm about to go on an unforgettable adventure one that will be awesome.