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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monday Musings On All Things Southern

If you grew up in the South during the time when I grew up in the South, the name Tennessee Ernie Ford was familiar.

Born in Bristol, Tennessee, Ernest (Ernie) Ford became better known within the Gospel, Country, and Pop genres as Tennessee Ernie Ford. His impression was of a simple, gentle man. But don't let that fool you. He was brilliant as a musician, accomplished as a singer, TV star, and quite simply a great American.

And, he was a Southern boy. Even better.

Here's a classic moment from his television show. Look how well he handled the little boy to his right who ... um ... stole the show!


  1. That is his son! I grew up in MD and WV, we listened to T Ernie all the time. He had an album of hymns that my mom still has and STILL plays!

  2. Although I grew up in California, I loved Tennessee Ernie Ford. We could use more like him in the entertainment industry today.

  3. I'll always remember him on "I Love Lucy" when he asked
    Lucy, the "wicked city woman" if she was "gonna vamp him."
    Remember that? He was handsome and smooth, but he could sure play the country bumpkin very well... :)

  4. Enjoyed visiting your blog Eva...& to see how you obviously connect with your readers! Blessings to you!