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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tuesday Southern-style Tunes

I grew up on Southern tunes. Country and Western, Southern Gospel.
I pretty much hated all of it. Still, it has a way of getting into your DNA.

Two of my first three children had a love for Country, as it became to be known. I recall afternoons riding in my son's cherry red '66 Mustang, windows down, wind blowing through the car, Bocephus playing as loud as the radio would allow. It was crazy fun. A few years later, our oldest daughter (Child 2) showed her love for country. Alabama was big back then. 

Both kids tried to make me love it, but I couldn't shake the old stuff. 

Then kid #4 came along. She introduced me to the really new country. Crazier still, I fell in love with it. I sang the lyrics. I danced to it in my bedroom while getting ready in the morning.

Now Child #2 gets in the car, hears country coming from the speakers, listens to me singing along, and laughs.

Yesterday, on a return trip from GA, I found a station in Jax-ville that played the new mixed with the sort of new and, be still my heart, the classic country songs of yesteryear. My first thought was, "Oh dear ..." but then a song came on I remembered well. "Hello, darlin' ..." Conway Twitty crooned. 

I was taken back. A simpler time. A simpler place. A memory of being in K-Mart with my mother (I always got lost in there!) and hearing the song for the first time over the speakers. 

So, take a trip back with me if you will ... this is Conway Twitty (dare ya not to sing along!):


  1. "Hello, darlin" is my ring tone for the cell phone. I get a lot of comments....

  2. I grew up in the wine country of Northern CA. but have lived in the South longer than in my birth state. Southern ways are my comfort zone and the old country songs just fit. I gravitate to songs like Patsy Cline's "Crazy."
    Dorie Runyon

  3. Maylinda and Dorie: be sure to put what kind of books you like to read ... I'll need that for the drawing! So ... you might say: Maylinda (Romance) or Dorie (Suspense).



  4. Dorie Runyon: Sorry! (biography,comedy,historical romance, ispirational...)