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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday's Recipe of the Week

As my mother lay dying in Mission Hospital (Asheville) in May 2010, a friend of ours came for a quick visit during those rare visitations one is allowed when a patient is in intensive care. Sharon, our friend, picked up Mother's limp hand, placed it in her own, and stroked her arm. "Betty," she said to Mother (who was unconscious but, I believe, hearing), "you have the softest skin."

My brother quickly replied, "She makes her own body and face lotion."

"Well," Sharon said, "whatever it is, it's marvelous."

After Mother died, I found several whipped topping tubs still filled with what she called "The Recipe." So light and fluffy, you'd think it was whipped topping. I placed a little in a small glass jar (Mother kept things like small medicine containers and, in particular, empty Vicks VapoRub containers just for this kind of thing), and sent it to Sharon.

I'm nearing the end of what was left and will soon, for the first time, make my own. It truly is marvelous and I want to share it with you.

Betty Blue's Emu Oil Beauty Cream
(Please note, I have no idea where she got this. This is just my name for it.)

15 oz. baby lotion
18 oz. Aloe Vera lotion or gel
8 oz. Vitamin E cream
8 oz. petroleum jelly
1/2 oz Emu oil (or you can use 1 oz.)

Mix with a hand mixer.

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  1. And did she use this all over her body? Sounds very interesting, and I love lotion. I slather it on myself twice a day. Any idea where you would get Emu oil?

    1. Kathleen, someone mentioned below that you can get it at Chamberlains, but you will notice that I put a hyperlink on the "Emu Oil" in the ingredients. Go online ... my father raised emus, which was where Mother had her connection to get it.

  2. My mom uses Emu oil on her dogs dry nose and when she had a rash on her ankle it cured that (the medicine from the doctor and vet did not work). Chamberlin's has it.

  3. It will beat "the recipe" from the Waltons any day:)

    How cool to have had this from your dear Mama. We ate beans that my Mama cooked after her funeral.

  4. I will certainly give it a try. Arizona weather has left me looking like one big wrinkle!!!! :)

  5. Thanks for sharing the recipe Eva - can't wait to try it!

  6. I love recipes like this, they are usually better than anything store bought and saves you tons on your budget! Thanks for sharing such a special recipe, I will treasure this!! What a lovely and thoughtful thing to do Eva Marie, thanks you for sharing.

    1. Don't forget to leave your name and contact info so I can contact you if you win the book. :)


  7. Emu oil is fabulous! It absorbs into your skin without leaving it greasy. I made lotion with it for my friend when she was doing radiation therapy for breast cancer. The doctor told her it was the best thing for the burns.

  8. Sounds like just the recipe for baby soft skin! Might just have to try it! The empty Vicks VapoRub jars made me laugh. Sounded like my mom. From the photo, Eva Marie, I can see your mother in you!
    Dorie Runyon

  9. Wow, what a gift, Eva. I'll have to try that sometime. I sure hope you didn't look at my hands while you were here. :-/