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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Recipe of the Week

Southern cookin'! Nothin' like it!

Sour Cream Dressing for Baked Irish Potatoes


1 cup sour cream
1/2 tsp. vinegar
a few drops of lemon juice
dash of Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. finely chopped onion
2 tsps. chopped chives or tops of green onions


Mix all ingredients. Serve on baked Irish potatoes.


  1. Although I've not eaten it yet, I can tell it will be delicious. I know because I too have Southern roots. See you next week.

  2. Looks yummy! and I am a Southern girl too =)

  3. Sooooo good! Soooo much better than just plain sour cream!

  4. So yummny ... with steak and green bean casserole!

  5. Looks yummy Eva!! Beautiful presentation, too. :)

    I may be a "northern" gal but I acquired a taste for certain things on my travels... Cornbread and sweet tea remain at the top of the list, with anything from South of the border coming in closely behind (but watch out for those peppers!!!)

    I'm going to copy the recipe to my hubby. He's the experimental cook in our house. :)

    Rejoicing in the day,

  6. Felicia wrote: "Dang it. Phone won't let me comment there. Here's my comment:
    Flea wrote: Can't eat that. :( Started a new way of eating. Devouring chickpeas and romaine at the moment.

    Favorite type of book to read? Whatever's at hand. Mostly fiction, suspense, mystery, Christian fiction. But I like interesting informative, like Malcolm Gladwell. Love the psychological rooted in reality."

  7. Looks yummy!

    Kathleen Bruner (any kind of Christian novel)

  8. Love all your Wednesday recipes. This one sounds great on a cool Carolina day!

    Dorie Runyon (biography,comedy,historical romance, ispirational...)

  9. Why do I have this sudden craving for baked potatoes???

    I love to read narrative non-fiction, historical fiction, suspense... and recipe books...

  10. This Potatoe is "calling me" to eat it. Thanks

  11. Mmmmm. Looks delightful! Thanks for sharing, Eva Marie!

  12. Sounds really good, look forward to trying it.

    Thanks for all the great Recipes!

  13. I'm wishing I hadn't looked at it this late at night. I'm now wanting a loaded baked potato in the worst way...